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Dea's OpEd Deseret News:
Are today’s California wildfires tomorrow’s Utah disaster?

According to, our foothills are labeled “extreme” and “very high” fire danger. So who is protecting our foothills and canyons — who is taking proactive measures to protect us? No one, it appears. We need a comprehensive plan now, and we desperately need specific actions to reduce fuel loads in our Wasatch Canyons watershed and foothills.     read more
Groups try to hammer out solutions for crowded, at-risk Wasatch canyons
Catastrophic wildfires, avalanches, mudslides and congested roadways are threats to some of the Wasatch canyons that have dogged them for decades, with no immediate solution in sight.
Dea Theodore met with a coalition of community organizations and concerned residents at Alta Ski Area on June 7 to voice their concerns about years of studies that have not brought about any sort of concrete fix.   read more

Current Issues

Taxes and Bloated Budget:
The 2020 property tax increase Mayor Wilson proposed
raised your taxes 7.8%.
The explosive growth in Salt Lake County's budget is unsustainable. The BLOATED budget has grown 65% in just six years and now totals a whopping $1.5 billion. Salt Lake County's budget is $200 million BIGGER than Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas), yet our population is HALF theirs. For example in the last six years, Salt Lake County has gone from one Deputy Mayor to six Deputy Mayors, all "political appointees", earning as much as $276,115.   read more

Public Safety:
"Mayor, where are my police officers to protect my building?"

District Attorney Sim Gill's urgent text is a wake-up call to everyone in Salt Lake County regarding the vandalism of June 29th; Sim Gill continued "We asked for assistance and we got none. I have over 100K in damage."
After Mayors Jenny Wilson and Erin Mendenhall “took a knee” with protestors at the Capitol, they failed to support the Salt Lake County District Attorney's urgent request.   read more
Water Safety:
What's in Our Water? 

Why did we have to wait more than 20 years to address environmental concerns and find out what heavy metals are in our water coming from abandoned mines in Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons? Why did we have to wait for the EPA to recently take the initiative to address this health issue? Simply because our local leaders have refused to do so. The people of Salt Lake County deserve better. We deserve transparency and compliance as it concerns our drinking water.     read more
Local Control:
Is Brighton the only town in America without the right to control it's own land use?

The new Town of Brighton was created just last year, but Salt Lake County got the legislature to approve a scheme where Salt Lake County continues to control the land use in the Town of Brighton, as if it were unincorporated.
This must stop. The citizens of Brighton deserve the right to make their own land-use ordinances.   read more

About Dea

For Council District 6: Alta-Brighton-Cottonwood Heights-Draper-Midvale-Sandy-White City

Thank you for a primary win of 56%. It’s clear that residents are ready for change!

I’ve lived in Salt Lake County for 27 years. There is no place I’d rather call home. I earned my B.S. in Biology from the U of U and work part time at Canyons School District. My husband is a first responder and we have two children that attend public school here in Sandy.

I have served our community in numerous capacities. Including serving on the School Community Council and PTA board at my children's elementary school. In addition, Dea is a volunteer on the Quail Hollow Park Open Space Committee, a participant in the Sandy City Citizens Police Academy, a Girl Scout Troop leader and a past volunteer with Best Friends Animal Society.

My family and I are avid skiers and regulars at Snowbird. I am also a trail runner and love the open spaces in our beautiful Council district.

Dea's Priorities

No New Taxes - Prudent Budgets

The County budget is BLOATED and has grown a whopping 65% in just six years and now tops $1.5 billion.

I did NOT support this year's 7.8% property tax increase proposed by Mayor Jenny Wilson.

It took 167 years, from 1847 to 2014, for Salt Lake County to reach its first $1 billion budget. And only six years to reach a $1.5 billion budget. This explosive spending growth is unsustainable!

It is vital that we improve the strength of our economy and get people back to work. Helping our small businesses get back on their feet is a top priority. I will promote a vibrant economy while balancing growth to maintain our quality of life.

Public Safety - Support First Responders

Salt Lake County residents must be safe in our homes and neighborhoods. Our children must be safe while at school. Public safety is my number one priority and supporting our first responders is essential to accomplish this.

Upholding law & order is vital for a safe community. I do not believe in defunding our police. Respect for our law enforcement is essential for safe neighborhoods. We should expect all residents to follow the law and not tolerate vandalism, violence or mob rule.

Open Space - Quaility of Life

The current pandemic has demonstrated just how valuable our open spaces, parks and canyons are to our community. I am an advocate for these regional treasures. I am passionate about keeping Quail Hollow Park natural and maintaining our Corner Canyon trails. I will fight to keep Dimple Dell wild, work to ensure our district gets proper funds for trail maintenance, and look for ways to improve transportation and water quality in the canyons.

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Dea Theodore is a biologist and experienced in education, administration, and civic engagement.  She is a strong advocate for property rights, clean air, clean water, mental health, homelessness, accountability in government and holding the line on taxes. She defends the public against corruption and overreach by government.

Will you stand with Dea today?


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